Nissan Versa Service Intervals

* Listed service intervals serve as a general guide and are not associated with the OEM. Please refer to your vehicle's owners manual for optimal recommendations for your specific model.

The Nissan Versa came along in 2006 and gave America an affordable 5-door sedan option. It continues to be a reliable and durable model that runs well into old age. Nissan Versa service intervals are something every owner should research at the beginning of their ownership. Whether you're buying at 0 miles or 60,000 miles, you'll have a healthier model by getting into a regular routine of maintenance. Read the owner's manual to find out the official Nissan Versa maintenance schedule for your model year of Versa.


Beginning maintenance is short, simple, and rewarding. Making sure your Versa gets its regular oil change will result in an engine that doesn't overheat or take on damage early in its life. At 15,000 miles, some schedules also call for basic inspections of components like the brake lines and cables.


30,000 miles is still early in your Versa's life, but that's why it's such a good time to establish healthy maintenance habits. Don't take great performance for granted. Swing by our dealership for inspections of your Versa's exhaust system, steering, and suspension systems. Get a tire rotation and brake fluid change.


By 60,000 miles your Versa has seen more than its fair share of braking. That's why 60,000 miles is a great time for your model to take on fresh new rotors and brake pads. Don't wait until you notice the very loud and unsafe symptoms of bad brakes. Put a fresh set of pads and rotors on to give your Versa new life.


A Versa is designed to go far beyond just 90,000 miles, but it'll need more frequent maintenance as time goes along. Parts begin to wear out around this mileage, so it's a great time to catch early issues. At 90,000 miles, your model might need a new battery for its Nissan Intelligent Key, in-cabin microfilter, or new tires. This is a good stage to get a battery check, too, and replace the battery if necessary.


The spark plugs need to be checked at around the 100,000 mile marker. If you notice your model isn't firing up the way it should be, the spark plugs could be the simple answer. You might also need clean engine coolant at this time to make sure your Versa doesn't overheat in its middle years.

We're here to keep up with your Nissan Versa maintenance schedule. Get in touch with our service team to explore the recommend owner's manual maintenance routine for your specific model year of Versa.


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