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Servicing Recalled Vehicles

Every year, you will find that a number of vehicle manufacturers issue recalls for one or more of their current vehicles. Whether these vehicles have minor issues or something more potentially catastrophic, repairs must be completed in order to comply with the recall. There are many different working parts that contribute to how a vehicle functions. Your brakes, engine, wheels, navigation system, infotainment system and safety functions all must work properly in order to keep you and others safe while on the road.

When you are notified of a recall for your current vehicle, make sure to read through all of the information thoroughly that was provided to you. This information will inform you how you should proceed. Some recalled vehicles should no longer be driven until the repair has been completed. Other vehicles are safe to drive, you just need to use caution with a certain part of your vehicle. If you would like more information on a current recall, please fill out the form below. We will get back to your with the requested information.

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What Should I Do If There is a Recall for my Vehicle?

Repairs and Recalls

It’s never convenient to have to deal with a recall for your vehicle, and we here at Reliable Nissan understand that. That’s why we want to make this process as simple for you as it possibly can be. Nissan doesn’t like to issue recalls, but they will issue a recall if they suspect that your safety is at risk. Read through all of the information that you have received regarding the current recall. You will usually be directed to make an appointment with our service center to get the problem fixed.

If you need any additional information, you can contact us anytime. We encourage you not to try and fix the problem yourself. We’ve had a number of people attempt what they think is a simple fix. There ends up being a far more expensive and involved problem that needs to be dealt with. While the cost of recalls is typically covered by the manufacturer, you would be responsible for any issues that occurred from servicing your own vehicle. Leave the repair to the professionals. We’ll use OEM parts that come directly from Nissan. These are parts that have specifically been chosen and designed for the recall.

Do I Have to Pay for Recall Repairs?

Diagnostics and Repairs

Commonly, people decide to skip having a recall addressed because they want to save money. What people don’t always understand, is that manufacturers cover all of the expenses relating to a recall. You don’t have to pay for the parts needed or the cost of labor. We simply ask that you make an appointment with our service center, and spend an afternoon with us to have the recall addressed. When you call to make your appointment, we will let you know how much time is going to be needed for your vehicle. We can usually take care of these problems quickly, and get you back on the road. Your vehicle will be much safer than it was before.

If you have any questions involving a current recall that has been issued for your Nissan vehicle, or you would simply like to learn more about the process of issuing a recall, give us a call today.


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