Do I Need to Make a Down Payment?

The easy answer is no; you do not necessarily need a down payment when shopping at our dealership. Our team can help you sort through our vast inventory of vehicles to find the one that meets your budget and comes with the features you are looking for. You should keep in mind that the more money you put forth as a down payment, the less your monthly payment will be. However, a down payment is not always a requirement; it depends on the pricing of the model selected and the applicant's credit history.

Can I Still Trade-In My Vehicle if I Owe More Than It Is Worth?

Yes, you can still trade-in a vehicle if you owe more money than the trade-in is worth. Banks mostly care about how much the loan for your next car will be. They do not want to give out a loan that significantly exceeds the new vehicle's value, and that is where our team of experts gets involved. Our team will work diligently to give you the best offer possible for your trade-in, and they will help you get a great deal on the new vehicle you have been searching for. Using these two techniques, they can help ensure that your new loan does not significantly exceed your next vehicle's value.

Can I Get a Loan if I Have a Less Than Perfect Credit History?

There is always an option for financing, no matter your credit history. It is all about finding the right vehicle for your budget and the right financial vendor. Our finance department works with a wide network of banks, and they'll help go over all of your financing options. We'll also help you find a vehicle that matches what you are looking for and is within your budget.

How to Find the Best Vehicle for the Best Price

Finding the perfect vehicle for the ideal price can be a daunting task. Our vast inventory of cars, trucks and SUVs can help speed up this process, and our team of experts can help steer you in the right direction with knowledgeable recommendations. At Reliable Nissan, we know that having too large a vehicle payment can be just as bad as having an unreliable vehicle. We want you to be happy with all aspects of your new car, which includes how much your payment will be.


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