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How Often Should I Service My Nissan Rouge?

To perform at its best, your Nissan Rogue will need to have several full-service appointments starting at 10,000 miles. Having your car's engine serviced regularly will make it run more smoothly and quietly. It will also maximize your Rogue's fuel economy and prevent larger and more expensive mechanical issues later on. Along with checking the engine at all Nissan Rogue service intervals, a certified Nissan technician will look at the car's other components to check for problems and potential safety issues. To find out when your Rogue is due for service, check the Nissan Rogue maintenance schedule in the owner's manual for an accurate time frame.

10,000-Mile Service

The Nissan Rogue will be due for its first service appointment at 10,000 miles. When your Rogue gets to 10,000 miles, it will have the engine oil replaced and a new filter installed. The brake lines and brake cables will get inspected for soundness. The rotors and brake pads will be checked as well, and a mechanic may change the transmission fluid if your Rogue has an automatic transmission. The differential gear oil will be inspected, and the car may have its tires rotated and checked for general condition.

20,000-Mile Service

At 20,000 miles, your Nissan Rogue is scheduled for the second of its recommended service intervals. The Rogue will once again have the oil changed, and it may have a new engine filter installed. The air filter in the car's cabin will also be changed, and the in-cabin microfilter may also be replaced. Your Intelligent key battery gets inspected as well. The fuel lines are rechecked, along with the vapor lines, and the brake fluid will be replaced as necessary.

60,000-Mile Service

Your Rogue will have more extensive service at 60,000 miles. The engine oil is changed again, and the Rogue may have its engine filter replaced. The drive belt will be inspected, along with the brake cables, lines, rotors, and pads. The transfer fluid, transmission fluid, and differential gear oil are replaced. The Nissan Rogue may have a new battery installed, and it will have the suspension system and both axles inspected.

100,000-Mile Service

The Nissan Rogue will have a complete oil change again at 100,000 miles, and it may have the cabin air filter replaced. The Rogue will have the spark plugs checked and changed if needed. The drive belt gets inspected, along with the brake fluid and braking system components. The drive shaft boots get inspected on AWD Rogue models, and the propeller shaft is checked.

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