Nissan Reveals Z GT4 Race Car  

A factory-backed GT4 racing car version of the new Nissan Z has arrived at a paddock near you if, like us, you were disappointed with the vehicle's performance. Nissan's Z GT4 is a new race vehicle developed from the ground up. The new Z GT4 has been designed and engineered to compete in the FIA's GT4 category of racing, which is perfect for novices who want to jump into top-level touring cars.


The GT4 comes with some intense modifications to the standard car. The chassis and powertrain have been extensively reworked to make the car lighter, faster, and more agile.

The GT4 is powered by the same 3.0-liter V-6 engine with dual turbocharging as the standard Z. However; it has been upgraded to produce 450 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, which are significant boosts of 50 hp and 93 lb-ft, respectively.

Similarly, the Z in GT4 form features a chassis that has been fine-tuned for racing. Brembo brakes and grippy race-compound tires fitted on 18-inch Rays rims complement the large rear wing and other aerodynamic additions (10.5 inches wide up front, 11 inches wide out back).


The Z GT4's interior includes carpets, the usual digital instrument cluster, and a central touchscreen. The driver sits in a racing seat secured by a roll cage and controls the vehicle using paddle shifters and a microsuede flat-bottomed steering wheel. In addition to the gear lever, the controls and settings for the ABS are found on the center console.


The Z GT4 is designed to handle the punishing demands of motorsports, and it is packed with all the necessary safety features. The car's roll cage, race seat, and FIA-approved fire extinguisher protect the driver in case of an accident or emergency. Other features include a multi-function steering wheel, anti-lock brakes, side impact beams, and a 10-point harness to keep the driver safe in case of an accident.

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