Summer Maintenance Tips  

A lot of people spend their summer season taking road trips and traveling farther distances as they enjoy vacationing and creating new memories with their loved ones. This makes it necessary to perform the necessary maintenance to ensure your car continues to operate as you start to add more miles. Our team of mechanics at our dealership in Albuquerque can provide the required maintenance to keep your vehicle in check.

Top Off the Fluids

Your fluids are a main part of your car that keeps various features and mechanisms operating well. Start by checking the coolant, which will help keep your engine cool in hot climates as you drive around. Additional fluids to top off include the wiper fluid and the transmission fluid. You'll also want to look at the steering fluid to ensure you continue to have control of your car as you operate it.

Change the Oil

The summer season can take a toll on your engine because it affects how well the oil flows throughout the different parts under the hood. Changing the oil can allow the oil to flow better to avoid potential issues with your car. It's also a good idea to change the oil filter because it may become clogged easily the more you drive throughout the season.

Look at the Condition of Your Tires

Check out the tread on your tires to determine if they're worn out or if they still look like they're in good shape and have proper traction. Your mechanic will need to rotate the tires if it looks like they're starting to develop uneven wear. This can shorten their lifespan and even affect your fuel efficiency. Look at the recommended tire pressure for your car and add more air to ensure your car drives better and you get better gas mileage.

Take a Look at Your Car Battery

The humid and warm conditions outside can affect your car battery and how long it lasts the more, it's in use. Test the battery to determine how much longer it'll last. Consider replacing it if it's already three years old because it's at the end of its lifespan. Signs of rust that are present on the different parts are also a sign it's ready to be replaced.

Reach out to our service department to get the necessary maintenance on your car to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the extra time you spend on the road throughout the summer season.