Nissan Lineup

Our dealership is excited to announce that Costco employees can now access the Nissan and INFINITI Vehicle Purchase Plan. The program is a benefit of being a Business Associate employee, allowing consumers to purchase a new vehicle at our location!

The discount is in addition to the other national, and regional incentives offered to the public, along with special financing provided for added savings. Every Costco employee can receive up to two (2) VPP claim codes for each calendar year, which allows their spouse or partner also to be eligible for the program.

VPP Business

Those who are eligible must be full-time employees of Business Associate companies in the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, as well as their spouse or partner. Up to two (2) VPP Claim Codes can be used each calendar year. Each applicant will need to provide proof of their employment at the time of delivery.

The documentation can include a copy of the employee's current paycheck stub, which needs to detail the employee's name and company name with a Business Associate company. Monetary amounts on the form can be redacted. Applicants can also provide their employee badge. A dated letter is an additional form of proof that is accepted, which should be from the Human Resource office and needs to include contact information and verification of employment.

If you want to learn more information about the VPP, we invite you to contact or visit our dealership at your convenience. Visit for more details on how to create a VPP claim code.

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