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If you have not changed your car coolant for more than a couple years, now is the perfect time to get a coolant system flush in Albuquerque at a low cost. Prevent car overheating and wear on your radiator and engine by replacing your car coolant today. When you drive, the radiator uses a mixture of coolant and water to keep your car's engine at a low temperature. Over time, coolant breaks down and works less effectively to keep your engine cool. This places stress on your radiator and causes the car engine to run hotter. Prolonged use of old coolant may result in major radiator and engine damage. Avoid costly repairs by having your car's antifreeze and coolant regularly changed. Bring this coupon into Reliable Nissan's first-rate Service Department for a low-cost coolant system flush and we will also inspect your Nissan car, truck or SUV for coolant leaks and other common cooling system issues.