Which Models Use The Nissan ProPilot Assist?

Which Models Use The Nissan ProPilot Assist

Go Hands On With Nissan ProPilot Assist

Nissan created the Nissan ProPilot Assist technology with two primary driving conditions in mind: long highway drives and the dreaded daily stop-and-go commute. ProPilot Assist is a driver-assistance technology that helps you and your car cooperate seamlessly to give you a perfect, concentrated, less stressful drive, whether you're taking a 500 mile journey or tackling the daily commute.


  • ProPilot AssistProPilot operates via a front radar sensor and a front-facing camera to give you the smooth, effortless drive you've always dreamed of
  • Stop-and-go driving conditions are handled via ProPilot's control of braking. You make the rules. ProPilot follows them.
  • Set speed easily
  • Front radar sensors keep track of what's in front of you and applies the brakes so that you can focus on the road more
  • Lane keeping is another big focus of ProPilot, and it's handled with great care and skill. Stay more focused on the road while letting your Nissan model take control when things get out of hand for you.

Which Models Use Nissan ProPilot Assist?

For now, there are two Nissan models that feature ProPilot Assist, and both of these terrific models are available to test drive here at our dealership.

  • 2018 Nissan Rogue
  • 2018 Nissan Leaf (electric)

The Rogue focuses on Intelligent Mobility while the Leaf is an electric car bringing a whole new reputation to that classification of vehicle. You're going to get both power, intelligence, and confidence all in one package when you buy a Nissan Leaf, while the Rogue continues to pave the way for the future of SUV crossovers. People have longed for self-driving cars that allow them to be a passenger on the highway of life, taking in the sights, not worrying about driver error, etc. Nissan has gone with a middle of the road solution that brings us closer than ever before to the idea of a self-driving vehicle. They've provided you with the tools to drive in cooperation with your vehicle, as it uses the technology of today's sensors and cameras to make driving more fun and collaborative than ever before. When you buy a Leaf or Rogue, the future is today. You'll be driving with your car as much as driving it in general.

Learn More Today

Both the 2018 Leaf and Rogue are available today. There's no need to wait to get your hands on ProPilot Assist. If you want this technology, it's here, sitting right at our dealership and ready to be taken out on the road when you're ready. You can always learn more about the Nissan Rogue and Nissan Leaf right here, or you can simply call us. We thank you for learning more about ProPilot! It looks to be one of the most advanced of all driver-assistance technologies in the world today, and it's always available on the 2018 Rogue and Leaf. All you have to do is call us today to schedule a test drive.

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